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Tapping World Summit 2013 – Attend online for FREE


The Tapping World Summit is a way for you to improve the quality of your life in a tangible and real way…

And by a “real” way what I mean is we want to actually SEE that we’re making more money, or FEEL that we’re happier than we’ve ever been before, or actually BE in a relationship with the type of person we’ve always wanted. We’re all looking for real things to come into our lives so that we can say…”yeah, this really made my life better.”

Well I have good news for you. 🙂 Seriously, it’s very good news…

The great thing about Tapping is that it’s been proven, over and over again, to work on a huge variety of things. In fact the list of things that it works on is so big that when it comes to Tapping people generally say to “Try It On Everything.”

Tapping works on so many things because it’s been scientifically proven to re-wire the brain.

So what does Tapping work on? Well that list is extremely long but here are some of the things that it’s been shown to help with: attracting more money into your life, providing relief from chronic pain, eliminating emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and physical diseases as well as helping people clear the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from attracting what they want.  Read more…………….

10 days of Tapping

Being Free

Being Free

“So let’s imagine… you are all alone on an island. There is no one you have to please,  no one to see what you look like, no one to compete with and no one to judge you. You can eat what you like. You can be how you want to be. Here there really is nothing to do except be you.

So…how would you be? Wouldn’t that be freeing? Wouldn’t it be relaxing?”

Read more…………..

A Time for New Beginnings

The Mayans didn't see it coming

“Change is the central theme of this shift of the ages, and it seems to be a little impatient as many of us are finding that very recently certain things, habits and even beliefs are changing “automatically” without waiting for us to initiate them.  This can feel a bit spooky at first, but when you sit with it in silence and really look at the new change, you quickly see how perfectly it fits into place.  Then there are those other changes, the ones we have been meaning to initiate, “waiting for the right time.”  Well brothers and sisters I have some splendid news for everyone.  There will never be a better time than right now to kick up some dust and create a brand new beginning, whatever it may be.  The energies and love currently swirling around spaceship Earth are literally destroying obstacles and opening portals.  The universe is inviting you to create your heart’s desire, whispering “I’ve got your back!”   At long last my friends, we are out of excuses!”

Weekend Replay – Week 30

From Awakening to Abundance:

2 Free audio presentations available this weekend ONLY!

Weekend Replay – Week 30.

Adam King
Awakening to Abundance Through Tessera

Adam King is a visionary and nationally known speaker on personal development, business and relationships. He is also an accomplished author, musician, composer and founder of the technology “Mental Auditory Simulation.”

Over 20 years ago, he created a unique method called Tessera, which has helped his students around the world to shift into achieving fulfillment, and see the truth behind their suffering and resistance. The results can be instant, life lasting change.

On this call, you will learn:

-How our physiological makeup (identity) limits us from  getting what we want
-What our “Memory Shell” is and how it produces suffering, uncertainty and resistance
-How to gain “Parallel Awareness” that can produce massive abundance through clarity and resourcefulness
-How our environment stops us from getting what we want
-How to change it by connecting to source
-A simple technique that will show you how to lower your anxiety in any environment, and allow you to create abundance all at once

Mas Sajady
Be guided to the abundant life that you desire

Mas is a life energizer, infinite healer,  and an intuitive consultant. Through two near death experiences Mas Sajady has been gifted with astonishing healing abilities.

Mas helps people all over the world to be instilled with the Pure and awaken their internal “GPS”  to automatically and effortlessly be guided towards their fulfilling lives.

On this call you will discover

-How to tap into the fountain of abundance in all areas of
life and uncover truths to change the course of your life

-What the Pureness is and how to get instilled with it.

-Remove self defeating patterns and tap into your creative

-Energize your inner core for rapid achievement