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February Light, Love And Clarity

“The upcoming week holds many opportunities for acceleration of the Ascension process. If you have done your homework and prepared well, February is going to be amazing.

Energies may have felt very strange last month because we were – and still are – adjusting to Zero Point time. This is why so many felt like everything stopped in January; barely any movement forward. If you attempted to plan things, you may have felt like forces were working to keep you in a stand still or suspended state. If you surrendered to it, life was much easier.

The end of linear time brings us to examine ourselves without the illusion. Time screeches to a halt and we’re left with the beauty of revelation – facing what we have created. January was deeply personal when it came to beliefs, fears, illusions. An absolutely brilliant month for Mastery. Linear time’s shadow gets recreated by the collective, so it may feel a bit like getting off an amusement park ride. The ride is over but you still feel it. Perceiving the truth without the veils takes balance and alignment with this higher vibration.”
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Weekend Replay – Week 30

From Awakening to Abundance:

2 Free audio presentations available this weekend ONLY!

Weekend Replay – Week 30.

Adam King
Awakening to Abundance Through Tessera

Adam King is a visionary and nationally known speaker on personal development, business and relationships. He is also an accomplished author, musician, composer and founder of the technology “Mental Auditory Simulation.”

Over 20 years ago, he created a unique method called Tessera, which has helped his students around the world to shift into achieving fulfillment, and see the truth behind their suffering and resistance. The results can be instant, life lasting change.

On this call, you will learn:

-How our physiological makeup (identity) limits us from  getting what we want
-What our “Memory Shell” is and how it produces suffering, uncertainty and resistance
-How to gain “Parallel Awareness” that can produce massive abundance through clarity and resourcefulness
-How our environment stops us from getting what we want
-How to change it by connecting to source
-A simple technique that will show you how to lower your anxiety in any environment, and allow you to create abundance all at once

Mas Sajady
Be guided to the abundant life that you desire

Mas is a life energizer, infinite healer,  and an intuitive consultant. Through two near death experiences Mas Sajady has been gifted with astonishing healing abilities.

Mas helps people all over the world to be instilled with the Pure and awaken their internal “GPS”  to automatically and effortlessly be guided towards their fulfilling lives.

On this call you will discover

-How to tap into the fountain of abundance in all areas of
life and uncover truths to change the course of your life

-What the Pureness is and how to get instilled with it.

-Remove self defeating patterns and tap into your creative

-Energize your inner core for rapid achievement

AMERICAN KABUKI: Personal Light Pillars

AMERICAN KABUKI: Personal Light Pillars.

“As the new Master said to me it’s like this old proverb: “What do you do before enlightenment? Cut wood and carry water.  What do you do after enlightenment?  Cut wood and carry water.”  I feel like what we’re supposed to do is continue that which we’ve been doing, except now there is a stronger connection between source consciousness, intention, will, manifest, heart, soul, wisdom, energy, light, love, and grace.  Part of me is a little sad that I didn’t get three days of darkness and at least a few tidal waves to usher in the new age with an exclamation point, but honestly, we’ve had enough suffering and it feels good to walk a line filled with happiness and peace.”