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February Light, Love And Clarity

“The upcoming week holds many opportunities for acceleration of the Ascension process. If you have done your homework and prepared well, February is going to be amazing.

Energies may have felt very strange last month because we were – and still are – adjusting to Zero Point time. This is why so many felt like everything stopped in January; barely any movement forward. If you attempted to plan things, you may have felt like forces were working to keep you in a stand still or suspended state. If you surrendered to it, life was much easier.

The end of linear time brings us to examine ourselves without the illusion. Time screeches to a halt and we’re left with the beauty of revelation – facing what we have created. January was deeply personal when it came to beliefs, fears, illusions. An absolutely brilliant month for Mastery. Linear time’s shadow gets recreated by the collective, so it may feel a bit like getting off an amusement park ride. The ride is over but you still feel it. Perceiving the truth without the veils takes balance and alignment with this higher vibration.”
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Matthew Ward Message

The Earth in Safe Hands


“We don’t know how long it will be before Earth is joyfully back home where the planet and its soul, Gaia, originated. It is logical to ask, since we knew when the planet would exit third density, why don’t we know when it will reach its destination?

Earth’s ascension to this point was predestined so she would reach the narrow celestial window when the planetary alignment would enable her to enter fourth density. Now that she is in this density, where darkness cannot assault her with its negativity, her journey henceforth is within a safe harbor, so to say, where are no “time” constrictions.

Just as before—always!—her residents’ journeys depends upon the choices each makes, and the cumulative choices make up the collective consciousness. So, it is your thoughts, passionate feelings and actions that will set Earth’s pace from now on. Whether that is happily humming through fourth density or soaring like an eagle, Gaia is jubilant—the exceptionally difficult leg of the ascension is over!

You, too, can feel jubilant—your steadfastness in the light added immeasurably to this stunning achievement. Although in linear time you will continue to progress toward your goal of a loving, harmonious and healthy world with abundance for all, in the continuum you already are victorious. When you have full understanding of how unique this achievement is, you will know that if ever souls could declare “job well done,” it is you lightworkers!

We hold you in honor and unconditional love as we continue accompanying you, albeit unseen, every step of the way.”


Welcome Home all Lightworkers, Star Seeds, and Divine Multidimensional Beings. | Lightworkers.org

Welcome Home all Lightworkers, Star Seeds, and Divine Multidimensional Beings. | Lightworkers.org.

“When we unite our focused intent and higher emotions we can together become a powerful catalyst for elevating the collective consciousness of our world. We unite Lightworkers from all around the world and become one in mind, heart and spirit. Lightworkers.org is a platform where Lightworkers can connect in an environment that is tolerant and loving. When we connect together in a unified thought we express our collective co-creative essence and allow the process of ascension to unfold for all life. As a Lightworker we simply mean a person who is co-creating a peaceful and loving world, and there are a many of us!. We know you will feel at home here and understand that you are a part of a world wide movement that is co-creating an alternative way of life for humanity and our loving world that we share. Lightworkers, we honor you. For we are ONE!”